U Bolts

UNS S34700 U Bolts,UNS S30400 U Bolts,321 Stainless Steel U Bolts,310 Stainless Steel U Bolts,A193 B6 (410) U Bolts,UNS NO6600 U Bolts,347 Stainless Steel U Bolts,Duplex 2205 U Bolts,317 Stainless Steel U Bolts,316H Stainless Steel U Bolts.


UNS N06022 U Bolts,Stainless Steel 17-4 PH U Bolts,UNS S31803 U Bolts,UNS N08811 U Bolts,UNS NO4400 U Bolts,A193 B8T (321) U Bolts,UNS S31600 U Bolts,M16 Stainless Steel U Bolts,UNS N06625 U Bolts,UNS S32205 U Bolts,A2-70 U Bolts,18-8 Stainless Steel U Bolts,304L Stainless Steel U Bolts,304H Stainless Steel U Bolts.

About U bolt

The Stainless steel  U Bolts are one of the most adaptable and have a significant impact on various sectors such as marine , Oil and Gas  fields. As per Austenitic stainless steel, which comes in multiple grades, is the most widely used alloy class on the planet. The majority of these Stainless steel U Bolts  are used in marine engineering applications. As a result, the most common alloy used to make M16 stainless steel bolts is alloy 316.

This component has a U-shaped look, thus the name U bolt. However, alternatives are now on the market, such as Stainless Steel Square U Bolts or a long U Bolt. The primary use of Stainless Steel Long U Bolts is to hold the pipe in place. The lines attached to the Stainless Steel U Bolts in piping systems allow for the flow of both fluids and gases. The Heavy Duty Stainless Steel 304  U Bolts are primarily used to support media flow through piping systems, but they can also be used to hold ropes together. This secondary application is particularly beneficial in marine applications, as they can be used as a substitute for Boat Trailer Square Bend U Bolts.

A4-70 U Bolts,316 Stainless U Bolts,A193 B8C (347) U Bolts,UNS S32760 U Bolts,18-8 Stainless Steel U Bolts,UNS N08020 U Bolts,UNS S31000 U Bolts,UNS N02200 U Bolts,304 Stainless Steel U Bolts,Super Duplex 32750 U Bolts,317L Stainless Steel U Bolts,UNS S32100 U Bolts.

Information of U bolt


DIN, ASTM, BS and all International Standards


+/-0.01mm to +/-0.05mm


3 mm to 200 mm |Custom Sizes


5 Pices


M3 - M56 | 3/6" to 2" | Custom Sizes

Special Grade

Stainless Steel 310 ,316,317,347


canton, pallet, Small Boxs / carton / pallet, or customer request

Top Manufacturers

SPAX® Screws, GKW, Unbrako, Kundan, APL, Sundaram Precision, Infasco, EBY Fastener Etc.

 It’s also not a good idea to use standard steel alloy because they’ll be in contact with seawater. As a result, most purchasers prefer to use 316 Stainless Steel Square U Bolts. The alloy 316 is commonly referred to as “marine grade.” Because the alloy outperforms grade 304 in terms of chemical resistance, the Stainless Steel Marine U Bolts can be used in freshwater applications with a chlorine concentration of less than 100 ppm (parts per million)..


Round Bend U-Bolts

Square Forged Top U-Bolts

Semi-Round Bend U-Bolts

Round Forged Top U-Bolts

Square Bend U-Bolts

Semi Round Forged Top U-Bolts

U Bolts Dimensions


Nominal Pipe Size Thread Size Between Centres Depth of U Thread Length
1/2″ M6 28mm 48mm 30mm
3/4″ M6 34mm 53mm 30mm
1″ M6 41mm 60mm 30mm
1.1/4″ M10 54mm 67mm 30mm
1.1/2″ M10 60mm 85mm 35mm
2″ M10 75mm 95mm 35mm
2.1/2″ M12 90mm 124mm 55mm
3″ M12 102mm 126mm 50mm
4″ M12 131mm 144.5mm 50mm
5″ M12 156mm 182mm 50mm
6″ M12 182mm 210mm 50mm
8″ M16 240mm 252mm 50mm
10″ M16 292mm 318mm 50mm
12″ M16 343mm 363.6mm 50mm


304 Stainless Steel U-Bolts Supplier
UNS S30400 U-Bolts Stockist
18-8 Stainless Steel U-Bolts Manufacturer

316 Stainless Steel U-Bolts Manufacturer
UNS S31600 U-Bolts Exporter
A4-70 U-Bolts Trader

321 Stainless Steel U-Bolts Stockholders
UNS S32100 U-Bolts Retailer
A193 B8T (321) U-Bolts Wholesaler

304L Stainless Steel U-Bolts Trader
A2-70 U-Bolts Stockholders
304H Stainless Steel U-Bolts Retailer

316L Stainless Steel U-Bolts Retailer
A4-80 U-Bolts Wholesaler
316H Stainless Steel U-Bolts Distributor

347 Stainless Steel U-Bolts Supplier
UNS S34700 U-Bolts Stockist
A193 B8C (347) U-Bolts Manufacturer

310 Stainless Steel U-Bolts Distributor
UNS S31000 U-Bolts Supplier

317 Stainless Steel U-Bolts Stockist
UNS S31700 U-Bolts Manufacturer
317L Stainless Steel U-Bolts Exporter

410 Stainless Steel U-Bolts Trader
UNS S41000 U-Bolts Stockholders
A193 B6 (410) U-Bolts Retailer


Nominal Pipe Size Thread Size Between Centres Depth of U Thread Length
1/2″ M6 27mm 97mm 75mm
3/4″ M6 33mm 103mm 75mm
1″ M6 40mm 111mm 75mm
1.1/4″ M10 55mm 122mm 85mm
1.1/2″ M10 61mm 127mm 85mm
2″ M10 70mm 140mm 85mm
2.1/2″ M10 86mm 152mm 85mm
3″ M12 102mm 168mm 90mm
4″ M12 126mm 193mm 90mm
5″ M12 152mm 213mm 90mm
6″ M12 182mm 240mm 90mm
8″ M16 241mm 298mm 95mm
10″ M16 293mm 349mm 95mm
12″ M16 343mm 387mm 95mm


Duplex 2205 U-Bolts Distributor
UNS S31803 U-Bolts Supplier
UNS S32205 U-Bolts Stockist

904L Stainless Steel U-Bolts Supplier
UNS N08904 U-Bolts Stockist

Nickel 200 U-Bolts Wholesaler
UNS N02200 U-Bolts Distributor

super Duplex 32750 U-Bolts Exporter
UNS S32750 U-Bolts Trader

M16 Stainless Steel U-Bolts Exporter
Stainless Steel 17-4 PH U-Bolts Trader
UNS S17400 U-Bolts Stockholders

Monel 400 U-Bolts Stockist
UNS N04400 U-Bolts Manufacturer

super Duplex 32760 U-Bolts Retailer
UNS S32760 U-Bolts Wholesaler

SMO 254 U-Bolts Wholesaler
UNS S31254 U-Bolts Distributor

Monel K500 U-Bolts Trader
UNS N05500 U-Bolts Stockholders


Nominal Pipe SizeThread SizeBetween CentresDepth of UThread Length


Inconel 600 U-Bolts Stockist
UNS N06600 U-Bolts Manufacturer

Incoloy 800 U-Bolts Stockist
UNS N08800 U-Bolts Manufacturer

Incoloy 825 U-Bolts Stockist
UNS N08825 U-Bolts Manufacturer

Inconel 625 U-Bolts Trader
UNS N06625 U-Bolts Stockholders

Incoloy 800H U Bolts Trader
UNS N08810 U Bolts Stockholders

Hastelloy C22 U-Bolts Trader
UNS N06022 U-Bolts Stockholders

Inconel 718 U-Bolts Wholesaler
UNS N07718 U-Bolts Distributor

Incoloy 800HT U-Bolts Wholesaler
UNS N08811 U-Bolts Distributor

Hastelloy C276 U-Bolts Wholesaler
UNS N10276 U-Bolts Distributor

UNS N08825 U Bolts,316L Stainless Steel U Bolts,904L Stainless Steel U Bolts,A4-80 U Bolts,UNS S41000 U Bolts,UNS S32750 U Bolts,Super Duplex 32760 U Bolts,UNS S31254 U Bolts,UNS N08810 U Bolts,410 Stainless Steel U Bolts,316 Stainless Steel U Bolts,UNS S31700 U Bolts.


Stainless Steel Hex Bolts
Hex Machine Bolts
Anchor Bolts
Heavy Hex Head Bolt
Allen Bolt
L Bolts
Threaded Rounds
Studs Bolt
Eye Bolts


Products Price/piece
Stainless Steel U Bolts 65₹
304 Stainless Steel U Bolt 25₹
SS 316 U Bolt 50₹
SS Square U Bolt 20₹
Construction packing U Bolt 10₹


price list of UNS S34700 U Bolts,unc UNS S30400 U Bolts,Zinc Plated 321 Stainless Steel U Bolts,dimensions metric of 310 Stainless Steel U Bolts,weight calculator of A193 B6 (410) U Bolts,length chart of UNS NO6600 U Bolts,Copper Plated 347 Stainless Steel U Bolts,head size of Duplex 2205 U Bolts,Weight chart table of 317 Stainless Steel U Bolts,44628 316H Stainless Steel U Bolts,dimensions table of UNS N06022 U Bolts,Aluminum Zinc Flake Coated 17-4 PH U Bolts,Nickel Plated UNS S31803 U Bolts,Hot Dip Galvanized UNS N08811 U Bolts,head dimensions UNS NO4400 U Bolts,5/8 dimensions A193 B8T (321) U Bolts,3/8 dimension UNS S31600 U Bolts,Cadmium Plated M16 Stainless Steel U Bolts,Zinc Cobalt Plated UNS N06625 U Bolts,Chrome Plated UNS S32205 U Bolts,length calculator A2-70 U Bolts,Black Zinc Plated 18-8 Stainless Steel U Bolts,Tin Plated 304L Stainless Steel U Bolts,Black Phosphate 304H Stainless Steel U Bolts,Silver Plated A4-70 U Bolts,Yellow Zinc Plated 316 Stainless U Bolts,metric bolt dimensions chart A193 B8C (347) U Bolts,PTFE Coated UNS S32760 U Bolts,Blue Zinc Plated 18-8 Stainless Steel U Bolts,half thread dimensions UNS N08020 U Bolts,3/8 dimensions UNS S31000 U Bolts,7/8 dimensions UNS N02200 U Bolts,image 304 Stainless Steel U Bolts,types of bolts and nuts with pictures A2 U Bolts,weight chart super Duplex 32750 U Bolts,zinc plated 317L Stainless Steel U Bolts,dimensions metric of UNS S32100 U Bolts,weight calculator of UNS N08825 U Bolts,length chart of 316L Stainless Steel U Bolts,Copper Plated 904L Stainless Steel U Bolts,head size of A4-80 U Bolts,Yellow Zinc Plated UNS S41000 U Bolts,metric bolt dimensions chart UNS S32750 U Bolts,PTFE Coated super Duplex 32760 U Bolts,Blue Zinc Plated UNS S31254 U Bolts,half thread dimensions UNS N08810 U Bolts,head dimensions 410 Stainless Steel U Bolts,dimensions metric of 316 Stainless Steel U Bolts.


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